MIAMI (CBS4) – Dozens of people of all ages and races with candles, signs and hoodies gathered at Miami’s Torch of Friendship in solidarity Sunday evening.

The mixed crowd rallied in support of Trayvon Martin as they sought understanding and consolation from each other after a not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

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“This devaluation of black and brown life, I think that’s the problem, said rally organizer Muhammed Malik. “It was almost as if he was on trial, not Zimmerman. This black kid had to explain and I’m not even black but I could see it.”

“It brings up rage and anger because I’m a black youth and just to see him die, it’s crazy,” said Keno Walker. “When is this going stop, it’s been going on for too long.”

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Walker and Malik’s opinions of the trial and verdict were echoed by several others.

“I was really disappointed in the justice system in a way,” said Kayla Malone. “I’ve listened to the prosecution and how hard they worked and also the defense, but to me it just seems null and void.”

Malone believes part of the solution lies within legislation,

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“It’s simple as far as the execution of it, but the politics get in the way,” said Florida State Senator Dwight Bullard. “But, if we are talking about saving lives we have to take those steps.”