MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Former Miami-Dade mayor Carlos Alvarez doesn’t have to worry about the city’s budget anymore because he’s all about bodybuilding these days.

Last year, there was a video out that showed Alvarez flexing during a body building competition and this year he’s at it again.

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CBS4’s Vanessa Borge talked past politics and his new career with the ousted mayor during one of his workouts as he prepared to head back to the stage for this weekend’s competition.

“I have never lost sleep from an election. The voters will decide,” said Alvarez.

The voters did just that back in 2011. March was the last time Miamians really saw Alvarez in the public, which was before 88 percent of his constituents voted him out of office.

But after almost two years of being in seclusion, Alvarez is out in the spotlight again; this time he’s not in his typical guayabera.

South Florida was stunned when they saw the ousted mayor and former police director last November in a barely there black speedo, all bronzed and buff.

“At every position I held, in the police department and as mayor, I always worked out and made room in my schedule,” said Alvarez.

These days his schedule is free of political and police responsibilities and Alvarez has taken his love of fitness to a professional level.

Alvarez is back in the gym bulking up to take the stage Saturday in the Southern States Over 60 Masters Bodybuilding competition.

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“I wanted to prove people wrong. I wanted to show people that when you turn 60 you don’t have to just disappear,” said Alvarez.

Alvarez disappeared a few years ago after a he was said to have given his inner circle a series of raises. And with his backing of the new $634 million Miami Marlins ballpark, he was voted out of the job, but he said it’s nothing that he lost sleep over.

“As mayor I also tried to do the best job I could, but that also didn’t define me,” said Alvarez. “I can’t help that, I don’t lose sleep over that.”
“The tunnel is there, the stadium is there, museum and park is there. Everything I wanted to do is there,” said Alvarez. “I lost the battle, it cost me my job. But its okay, it’s alright. You got to fight for what you believe in.”

Now, Alvarez is fighting his will power.

“You know what I’m craving? Spaghetti and meatballs,” said Alvarez.

However, Alvarez will have to wait another week until after the competition before he can satisfy those cravings. He has to eat a strict diet of chicken, tilapia and broccoli as part of his preparation.

Alvarez not only has the title to back up his strengths but he plans on winning another.

“Yeah, I won both, two different ones,” said Alvarez.

With thirty-five years of work with Miami-Dade County, the first 28 years in the police department, and a slew of controversies surrounding his time as Miami-Dade’s main man, Alvarez seemed unfazed and ready for the next chapter – a little more skimpily clothed profession.

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“Regrets? No, no regrets. I’m happy and now that I can do what I love to do which is be physically fit and work out and be happy and not be stressed,” said Alvarez. “It’s great, life is great.”