MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Venezuela’s population is about to increase by one, but the one person may be one of the most infamous people in the world right now.

Venzuelan President Nicolas Maduro said it’s received and approved an asylum request from National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden. President Maduro had previously offered asylum to Snowden, but the man without a country only accepted the offer Tuesday.

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Snowden’s passport was canceled by the United States and it’s not known how he will depart Moscow without the proper paperwork. Bolivia and Nicaragua have also said they’ll grant asylum to Snowden if he requests it.

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The former NSA contractor has leaked sensitive information about top secret spying programs to the UK Guardian and the South China Morning Post. Since the stories began to trickle out based on Snowden’s information, he’s become a man without a country.

It’s believed he’s been living in the transit lounge of a Moscow airport as he’s waited for a country to approve his asylum request. Now, Snowden will have to try to get to Venezuela without going through the airspace of a country that could force the plane down due to good relations with the U.S.

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Snowden is wanted for multiple crimes for his actions in leaking the top secret information.