MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s a tradition, a must have, a necessity for many Cuban coffee lovers.

“It’s the lifeline of South Florida,” said one coffee lover.

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Some would argue, the way people gather around take-out windows, it is the original social network.

“I think it’s a real social thing as well people sit around Cuban coffee and talk,” said coffee lover Jorge Touzet.

But now, the cafecito is taking its’ socializing to a whole new level, the small but super strong and extra sweetened espresso with espumita, or heavy foam, is hitting Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at a certain time and place: at 3:05 p.m. in the 305.

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“The 305 pride and cafecito to both common denominator in Miami as a culture,” said campaign founder Jenny Lee Molina

Cuban coffee lovers are now posting pictures having their cafecito break at 3:05 p.m.

“I tweeted it out picture of cafecito proclaiming 305 as Miami’s official cafecito time and before you knew it other people were doing the same thing,” said Molina.

The 305 cafecito movement is really catching on, going from sharing talks waiting in line at the cafe window to online chats.

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“It’s just become an online conversation joined the community of coffee lovers and Miami pride,” said Molina.

Marybel Rodriguez