FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) — Some people want to build a better mousetrap. 95-year-old Bernard Jacovitz wants to manufacture a slip-free screwdriver.

The Delray Beach inventor has just received his third patent.

Jacovitz, who retired from the construction industry after decades building homes, says he’s always thinking of some new idea to help people.

“I’ve always had carpenters who’ve slipped off the screwdriver so I’ve always been safety conscious.  It stayed in my mind after I retried and I thought it would be a good idea to design.”

“My intention was to make a set locked together so it wouldn’t slip and would give more torque when you turn it.”

The screwdriver has three blades which locks into a specially designed screw.

Unlike a prior patented design by Jacovitz in the early 1980’s the new JacLock system does not result in any increase in production costs.

Jacovitz has degrees in Architectural Design and Industrial design.

He shows no signs of slowing down.  A lifelong swimmer and tennis player, he only recently scaled back his exercise routines.

When asked about the secret to his success, Jacovitz says simply, “Be active in whatever field you are in.  Continue as long as you can and don’t retire early.   If your mind is active, your body is healthy.”

He also credits his wife of 70 years with keeping him inspired.

“She’s smarter than I am,” he quips.

Jacovitz is seeking manufacturers or investors to help get the new screwdriver system ready for production and into the marketplace.