MIAMI (CBS4) – The chief financial officer for the City of Miami has been fired and her replacement has been named.

Miami City Manager Johnny Martínez fired Janice Larned and her termination is effective Friday according to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald.

According to Martínez, several weeks ago, Larned told him she accepted a new job elsewhere.

Larned was asked to stay until the city finished its comprehensive audited financial report (CAFR) which was completed June 18.

According to the paper, Martínez approached Larned to begin the formal resignation process this week and was told by Larned she wanted to keep her job.

However, Martínez had already found her replacement and pressed for a resignation from Larned, but she she refused so he terminated her.

Daniel Alfonso, the city’s budget director will replace Larned who was hired in 2011 and told the paper she would have liked to have stayed with the city and respects the decision.

“I like the city, and I believe there are a lot of opportunities here, but let’s not confuse this with my professional career or my credibility,” Larned said. “This has to do with the direction the manager wants to take the city.”

Larned oversaw the Finance, Purchasing and Risk Management departments.  However, in the past several months, the Finance Department received scrutiny for having high vacancies and turnover.

In August 2012, Larned reportedly threatened to quit during the contract negotiations with the city’s unions, but was talked into staying by city leaders.

Shortly after, Stephen Petty, the Finance Department director, quit because it was discovered he was not a licensed CPA and therefore not qualified for the job.

Martínez then named a new director of the Finance Department, Jose Fernandez.

Commissioner Frank Carollo told the paper, “It seems like the manager is making the changes he believes are necessary to have a strong Finance Department.”

Commissioner Marc Sarnoff said he was pleased with Martinez’s choice to promote Alfonso to the job of CFO and also commented to The Miami Herald.

“Danny Alfonso has the trust of all of the commissioners,” he said. “He answers our questions quickly and is very diligent.”

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