MIAMI (CBS4) – Chaos strikes when an unexplainable barrier hits the town of Chester’s Mill in CBS’s “Under the Dome”.

So where’s the real Chester’s Mill?

All of the on camera action takes place in a sleepy beach town called Southport, North Carolina.

“What happened is the dome just came over the city and total pandemonium just kicked in. And in this scene right now when I was here watching people were coming in ambulances with blood all over,  It was horrific, everyone was screaming and yelling, it was awesome” said an unidentified  resident of the town.

Even more awesome, finding out what the dome really is.

“There was this was a big sheet of plexi-glass that was just a big square. I was told later that the dome came down and split the cemetery in half,” the resident said.

That’s right, the actors use a big square sheet of plexi-glass as a reference.

A house in the town was used for as five different set locations.

“They’re using bedrooms, the parlor, the living room the garage, they’re all over the place, it’s exciting, it’s a lot of fun. Everything looks different to me, even when they put it back because I know what it looked like 24 hours ago. But then, the exciting part, is that I don’t know what it’s going to look like the next week,” said homeowner Morgan Harper.

And it’s that same mystery that will keep viewers and the people of the city of Southport watching every Monday night.


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