MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Lost amidst the celebration of the Miami Heat’s back-to-back championships is the other professional team currently in season in South Florida, the Miami Marlins.

The Marlins have been slogging along through the season and continue to put up some of the worst numbers in all of baseball. The Marlins are currently dead last in the league with a record of 25-50, well below the next-to-last place team, the Houston Astros.

The Fish average just 3.13 runs per game, nearly a half-run below the next lowest scoring team this season, the Washington Nationals at 3.51 run per game. Not surprisingly, the Marlins are also the lowest scoring team in baseball with 235 runs this season.

Miami also has put together the worst offensive output in the National League in total number of hits, home runs, RBI’s, walks, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, and OPS, and is second worst by .001 point in batting average.

The news isn’t much better in the pitching rotation. The Marlins’ earned run average amongst the pitching staff is 3.98, which is well above the National League average of 3.78. The Fish are also one of six teams in the NL without a pitcher throwing a complete game this season.

Miami’s bullpen is currently in a race with the New York Mets to see which team will finish with the fewest saves. Currently, both teams have a National League worst 13 saves after 75 games in the season.

On the bright side for Marlins fans, the team is hitting the league average when it comes to fielding errors with 45 this season. The Marlins’ overall fielding percentage of .984 is also right at Major League average in 2013.

For Marlins fans, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the coming seasons. Rookie pitcher Jose Fernandez looks like a number one starter and the Marlins are working on consistency from Marcell Ozuna and keeping Giancarlo Stanton healthy.

Add in Marlins prospect outfielder Christian Yelich and Jake Marisnick, both of who could possibly make it to the Major Leagues this year and there is promise for the future of South Florida’s worst professional team.

But, it may take a long time and a lot of losses to get there.