HOMESTEAD (CBS4) – Residents of the Keys Gate communities in Homestead finally have some relief after days of burglaries and attempted burglaries.

Homestead Police made two arrests over the weekend and more may be on the way.

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“I opened the door and almost had a heart attack,” Shirley Karger told CBS4 reliving the moment she walked into her friend’s home and discovered it ransacked.

The home is still torn apart today. Karger pointed out all the items missing.

“They stole her brand new big big tv.  See how they ripped it right out of the wall?” she said.

The thieves also took a television, money, and jewelry.

“Me? I’m pissed.  I’m mad.  That it could happen and to such a nice person,” Karger said.

Karger had been housesitting for homeowner Sue Trudeau, who was in rehab after having a hip replaced.

From her wheelchair, Trudeau told CBS4, “It’s just hard to think about it.”

Trudeau lost more than just things.  She lost wedding and anniversary rings from her late husband.

“I took them off before I went in the hospital for my hip surgery so they wouldn’t get stolen and they got stolen at home,” Trudeau said.

The burglary unfortunately is one of several plaguing the Keys Gate communities recently.

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“This started about 10 days ago very suddenly,” Gunther Karger said.

The burglars preying on the mostly senior community has neighbors taking action.

“People are very nervous.  And nervous people tend to do irrational things.  They are dusting off guns.  They are getting worried,” Gunther said. “It’s not a good thing.”

Trudeau is one of the residents deeply concerned.

“My husband was so happy when he was dying that he knew I was safe.  And I don’t feel safe anymore.”

Police stepped up patrols and at their request CBS4 held off on running this story so that Saturday night they could run a sting.

“That night, low and behold we had two subjects come into the neighborhood.” Detective Fernando Morales said.

Morales arrested Aikeem Foster along with a17 year old.  Foster allegedly confessed they were up to no good.

“Basically we foiled a burglary that night.” Morales explained.

Morales says the teens owned up to preying on Sue’s home too. He hopes to get her stuff back.

Either way Trudeau says life won’t be the same.

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“I am going to have a lot of things changed when I get home.” she said.