MIAMI (CBS4) – The Miami Heat game was still going on when fans left the AmericanAirlines Arena Sunday night.

“That’s the Heat that we are used to so good job for the Heat tonight, we will be meeting you up in San Antonio,” said Heat Fan Ron Holt as he rushed for his car.

The game was such a blowout that many folks opted to leave early to beat the traffic. The feeling among Heat Nation was electric.

“And we gonna win the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Go Heat,” yelled one Heat fan as he raced to his car.

A deflated Spurs fan chimed in a subtle “Go Spurs.”

Among the smiling Heat fans was an imposter. Riley Glenn was decked out head to toe in Heat gear but he had a secret. He whipped out his iPhone and proudly announced, “Tthe Spurs are going to win.”

The secret Spurs fan donned a Heat jersey, hat, and glasses for the game hoping to avoid being booed. His brother, however, was there to spoil it. “I hate Tony Parker, I don’t like him at all.”

The Glenn family isn’t the only one with a division in the house these days. Edwin Martinez showed up for the game in a Heat jersey. His wife was decked out in a Spurs jersey.

“We’ve been fighting all day, everyday. She begged me to come over so we came. She is representing San Antonio,” Martinez said.

Fans are spending big bucks to see the NBA Finals. Mahseed Taeb shelled out $175 for her seat.

“I’m going to get Section 402,” said Taeb before the game. As for being in the nose bleed seats at the top of the arena, she said, “It doesn’t matter. Being inside the building is all that matters.”

Whether you’re a fan of the Heat or Spurs or neither, basketball fans around the world are watching. The game is being broadcast in some 215 countries. That’s 47 languages.

“The Miami Heat is the new generation. The younger generation likes them,” said Jia Yu with China Central Sports Television.

Yu is the play by play announcer for CCTV, China’s sports network. He said Lebron is quite popular and China is fascinated by Chris Anderson, better known as the Birdman.

“He once played for the CBA team, China’s Basketball Association. All the fans really like him. He is so crazy with his hair style, his temper,” Yu said.

The NBA Finals actually has quite a following worldwide. Game one brought in China and had at least 200 million viewers. That’s two-thirds the population of the entire United States. How does Yu feel about that?

“A little bit nervous. I shouldn’t say that. Maybe nervous just means pressure,” said Yu.

The pressure has eased for the Miami Heat as they roll onto Game 3 tied with the San Antonio Spurs. If you couldn’t afford the nose bleed seats for $200 or floor seats for $500 this is your week. The road rally starts Tuesday night. Five dollars gets you in the door to watch heat on the AAA screen. For information go to


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