HALLANDALE BEACH (CBS4) – The water is receding in Broward County but some are still feeling the effects of Friday’s floods.

At David Ferguson’s home in Hallandale Beach, the water’s gone but the frustration isn’t.

“It was all underwater, everything was underwater. I said ‘That’s it, I want to sell it now I want to move out’,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson hasn’t even moved in yet, he just closed on the house last week. He said he rushed to Hallandale Beach when he heard about the bad storms.

“We knew it was a flood zone but we didn’t know the extent of the flooding until we experienced it. It was very bad,” he said.

At Bob Roth’s New River Groves in Davie, it’s a soggy ride around the mango trees. A couple of inches of water cover parts of the groves. Roth said he lost a few fruits that blew off the trees in the storm.

“We might have lost a small amount, but it’s a very small crop this year and every one counts,” said Roth.

Although the flooding slowed business Friday, Roth said it’s picking up again despite the water on the ground.

“It has gone down tremendously and customers were able to walk through the grove in many places today and pick mangoes,” said Roth.

People across Broward County were happy to be able to get out of their houses Saturday. Friday, many were stuck inside due to flooded parking lots and roads. Hallandale Beach residents took the opportunity to get sandbags which the city provided for free.

“Been here since ’75, but I haven’t seen water rise this high in the immediate community where I am until yesterday,” said James Tucker.

“I’m trying to put the bag in front of the garage door so that way it doesn’t go in the house,” said Lily Lifter who was picking up sandbags.

Fortunately, Saturday was much drier than Friday.

“Typical Florida, there was a storm yesterday and today, except for the mosquitoes, it’s a good day,” said Roth.


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