MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Major League Baseball hasn’t even started to question Anthony Bosch or the players involved with the former clinic owner, but with his credibility already in question a report from the New York Daily News won’t help MLB in the court of public opinion.

According to the Daily News, Bosch, who was sued by Major League Baseball, went to Alex Rodriguez for financial help to deal with the suit. The Daily News said when A-Rod “rebuffed Bosch’s request for money,” he decided to cooperate with Major League Baseball’s investigation.

“A-Rod refused to pay him what he wanted,” a source told the Daily News. “Baseball was worried about that. They were afraid someone else would pay him. Bosch is the only guy that can provide them with what they need.”

What baseball needs is direct testimony and hard evidence that implicates not only A-Rod but a host of other players including former MVP candidate Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers. If Bosch can give MLB the evidence it needs, it could completely shake up the game.

Baseball has been dealing with drug issues ever since Jose Canseco and others came forward alleging widespread usage of performance enhancing drug use in the game. After a highly-visible Mitchell Report confirmed the drug problem, baseball finally enacted strict testing and tough penalties.

A-Rod has been the biggest fish in the Major League Baseball drug case for the last few years. He admitted to using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs earlier in his career when he played in Texas.

But he denied using the drugs, including the ones Bosch allegedly provided players. Published reports have gone as far as to say Bosch would go to A-Rod’s home and inject him with drugs while there.

Major League Baseball believes Bosch could give them enough evidence to suspend more than 20 active players for upwards of 100 games. A suspension that long could end up costing A-Rod and Braun tens of millions of dollars.

The Daily News said Bosch will provide evidence that he dealt with Braun dating back to when he was a player at the University of Miami. The Daily News said MLB will also try to intervene with law enforcement that may be investigating Bosch in exchange for his evidence against the players.


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