MIAMI (CBS4) – There are teachers then there is Mr. Rose.

“He is so special he’s one of the most amazing men I ever meet ever,” said Victoria Roland, a choir student at Coral Reef Senior High School.

John Rose has been teaching for 40 years. For 15 of those years he has been at Coral Reef Senior High School. But three years ago he was diagnosed with a debilitating motor neuron illness also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease that has affected his arms and throat.

“I tried to keep it from my students for a while but I could not hide it any longer,” said Rose.

Rose is the Choral Director of the school’s award winning choir and with every gesture, stroke of his baton and words of wisdom he has managed to leave a lasting impression on all of his students.

“He is not only my teacher, he is also my mentor and has influenced my life in so many ways he has given me the confidence. I am now going to pursue music as a career I never thought that was going to be possible without him,” said Jessica Bass who has known Rose for several years.

Not only has Rose been an inspiration to his students but it’s his students that influence him.

“They help every step of the way. I appreciate and hope everything is going to be okay,” said Rose.

Rose however is not letting the disease get the best of him. With the help of his students he shows up every day with baton in hand and a smile on his face.

“Even with his condition, he doesn’t stop, never stops. We understand him his emotion and his facial slight gestures show us what we need to do,” said Erika Sassmann.

One of Rose’s choirs has won numerous awards and one of them was invited to sing back up to Josh Groban during one of his concert stops at the Fillmore Miami Beach

This is Mr. Rose’s Opus and inspiration for all.

“He never gives up he always pushes forward he teaches us that we can accomplish anything we want if you have the passion and the dream,” said Schwartz.


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