MIAMI (CBS4) – A night of firsts for so many at game five of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals at the American Airlines Arena.

“This is my first basketball game ever,” said Nicole Beiser.

Her brother nice enough to bring her.

“It is something else to watch the fans and be part of it,” Ricky Castellano said.

How about being in America for the first time and at the game?

That was the case for Sylvio Noack. He came all the way from Germany.

“Early in my younger days I was a Chicago Bulls fan but now? Now I am a Miami Heat fan. Now I am a Miami fan,” He said.

Joshua Sessions has been a Heat fan his whole life. All three years.

“Go Heat!” he said with a smile.

Kim Marklay and her son drove 21 hours from Pennsylvania to come to their first game,

“I bought the tickets,” said Barkley. Good thing for her son, they were $800.

A trio of scholarship recipient’s also experienced a first. It’s the first time they received the Heat scholarship, each got $2500 a piece for school.  They were overjoyed to be at the game.

The Heat now wait to see who their opponent will be in the Eastern Conference Finals, the New York Knicks or the Indiana Pacers.