FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Jacek Jodlowski stood before a judge Monday, taking the heat alone for a home burglary in Rio Vista, one of Fort Lauderdale’s priciest water front neighborhoods. 

Resident Kelly Brown came home Sunday afternoon and saw two women running through her home. 

“I had pulled in,” Brown told CBS4’s Ted Scouten.  “And they were running thru the living room when I pulled in.”

At the same time, she said Jodlowski was passing by in an SUV.  She thought it was good fortune that luckily, someone was there to help.

“I flagged him down and said, ‘my house is being robbed,’ And the guy driving the car said, ‘Oh my God a breaking and entering, really.’  And he pulled into the driveway next door.”

Moments later, the two women ran outside.  Kelly was stunned when they jumped into Joblowski’s SUV and took off.

“And then I realized it was part of the whole theft!  Of course I went, ‘Son of a  B****,” she laughed.  “(I was in) shock!”

Kelly got in her car and took off after them until police took over.  Police were able to arrest Jodlowski, but the women got away, along with Kelly’s expensive jewelry, designer sunglasses and pricey perfume.

“I had three hooks that had the nicer necklaces and they cleaned those hooks off,” she said.  “The rest of it they left.” 

Fort Lauderdale Police believe these women and Jodlowski are not first timers when it comes to crime.

“In the middle of broad day light they break into the victim’s house, it’s a Sunday afternoon, shortly after noon,” pointed out Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Deanna Greenlaw.  “We absolutely believe they’re experienced.  We believe this is not their first time.”

Jodlowski is being held with no bond before of an immigration hold.  Police are still looking for the two women. 

If you have information, call Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS. 


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