MIAMI (CBS4) – A woman who told police that her boyfriend bit out a chunk of her private parts during an argument about his wife told her story exclusively to CBS4 News.

The woman, whose name we are withholding at her request, told CBS 4 News that she was having an argument with her boyfriend, Nelson Guerrero, over whether he would leave his wife. She says after Guerrero bit her he refused to take her to the hospital for fear he would be arrested.

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“He could not comprehend that I don’t want to be with him anymore,” the victim told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

The victim said Guerrero called his wife to tell her what happened and drove the victim to Guerrero’s apartment, where he held her for 6 days.

“There’s no way to describe it,” she said. “Nobody knows what it is when you’re there.”

She said Guerrero would beat her when she tried to leave.

“I tried to get out a few times,” she said. “I didn’t succeed. There’s times I felt like I just want to jump off the 4th floor. Let me just jump.”

The victim showed us a stab wound on her hand, pictures of bruises on her arms and a burn mark on her shoulder where she says Guerrero burned her with a cigarette. She said Guerrero put an AK-47 to her head but she pushed it away. However, she said when he threatened her with a knife it was a different story.

“With the knife it’s much more personal,” she said. “With the knife — it’s like my kids face flash in front of me. That’s all I see is my kids.”

The victim said all this occurred while Guerrero’s wife was in the home. In bond court video from Sunday after his arrest for several charges including kidnapping, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery, Guerrero’s attorney said his client has two children and has faced allegations from this woman before.

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“He wanted me to let the court know that he’s been accused by this same individual apparently on more than one occasion where the charges have been dropped,” the attorney said.

The victim says she is confident the charges will be proven. She said she escaped when Guerrero had to be taken to the hospital for an illness. She hopes her story will help other women.

“The second anybody, any man puts their hands on you leave cuz that ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘It’s never gonna happen again’ it doesn’t work,” she said.

The woman says her wounds are healing but she needed stitches for her wounds and was unable to get them.

“There’s nothing that could be done,” she said. “So it’s just got to heal on its’ own.”

Miramar Police will only say the investigation is ongoing and the victim’s injuries appear to be consistent with her story.

A Miramar Police search warrant obtained by CBS 4 News says it took her several days to tell her story about Guerrero to police “because she was in fear of retaliation from him.”

We also learn in the search warrant that Guerrero’s wife spoke to investigators and confirmed that Guerrero told her he bit the woman and was bringing her to their home. The warrant also says that Guerrero’s wife “stated that her husband told her that he screwed up referring to the victim’s stab wound to the hand.”

Someone who works at the apartment complex where this allegedly occurred tells CBS 4 News that he’s seen Guerrero with his wife and two children and he seems like an upstanding family man.

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Guerrero is being held without bond in jail.