MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami-Dade Prosecutor with a history of traffic infractions has been arrested for leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and CBS4 has obtained exclusive cell phone video of her driving away from that scene.

“So I’m hurt. Someone hit me and leaves me. I got sideswiped. This was a new car I got, this SAAB and now it is damaged. And what bothers me is someone leaves me after a minor accident,” said Jose Gonzalez, who told Miami Police his car was sideswiped.

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In an exclusive interview with CBS4’s Peter D’Oench, Gonzalez said “I’m blown away that she is a prosecutor.”

Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Caycie Flitman was released from the Miami-Dade Jail after posting $500 bond.

Gonzalez says he was sideswiped by Flitman’s black Mercedes 280 SUV at 10:25 on Monday morning on U.S. One at 27th Avenue while he was headed north. He says he immediately started using his cell phone camera to capture video of Flitman leaving the scene.

He told Police she kept going until a parking lot six blocks to the north. “I’m convinced she was fleeing,” said Gonzalez. “She was weaving in and out of the center lane at a high rate of speed.”

“When we pulled over she started yelling profanities at me and I said wait here while I call 911 and she kept saying the f word. She said f-u and then she took off. She got in her car and said f-u and took off,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez showed D’Oench how he was able to capture Flitman’s license tag on his cell phone. After he spoke with Miami Police, they arrested her the next day at her family’s Coconut Grove home.

“So I am hurt,” he said. “Someone left me on the side of the road for no reason. “I feel justice will be done. I just want my car to be fixed. That’s all.”

Gonzalez’s SAAB has a series of dents and scrapes on the passenger side from the accident that he says could take more than $1,000 to fix.

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A check of records showed that Flitman was cited in July of 2012 for careless driving and an expired license and cited in November 2011 for failure to stop at a light. Other citations include driving with an unsafe vehicle in July of 2006 and April of 2006, when she was also ticketed for not having a license with her.

Records show she was also cited in November 2005 for careless driving.

“Hearing her record, I am not surprised,” Gonzalez told D’Oench. “When I saw her she seemed very agitated and very combative. She seemed very upset at the time.”

Flitman was reportedly hired by the State Attorney’s Office In August of 2009 and worked in the intake unit.

Donald Flitman told D’Oench that his daughter was a smart lady and a good prosecutor.

Caycie Flitman’s attorney Lee Marks said he did not want Flitman to speak on camera about this case.

But Marks said of Flitman, “She has no convictions on her driving record. We are going to look into the charges. She has served this community with distinction. We will see what happens with this case.”

D’Oench reached out to the State Attorney’s Office for comment.

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So far there is no word on Flitman’s status and what will happen as a result of her arrest.

Peter D'Oench