MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami-Dade residents won’t vote on a plan to renovate Sun life Stadium, but they’re still talking about it. The stadium renovation bill died in the Florida House Friday putting an end to early voting.

At Sports Radio 560 WQAM callers speculated on what’s next for the Dolphins. Some wondered if the Dolphins would even stick around Miami, but Curtis Stevenson, known as Captain Curtis, told listeners he doesn’t think the Dolphins are going anywhere,

“Leaving is totally ridiculous,” said Stevenson, “The NFL would never let the Dolphins leave this area. It’s history rich. You’re talking about ’72 the perfect season. It’s one of the wealthiest areas in the country. It’s a football town.”

As for the Super bowl, Stevenson predicted that “They’re not getting Super bowl L or LI and we’ll see from there, but I’d be surprised if they cross South Florida off the list, renovations or not. You might not get one every five years it might be every eight or nine but it will still attract Super Bowls and big games.”

Some Fans thought Dolphins owner Steve Ross should pay for the stadium upgrades himself.

“If you have the money for the renovations, leave the taxpayers out of it and pay for it yourself,” said Valerie Johnson.

Stevenson said he doubts Ross will do that.

“My thinking is he puts a little money into it, he repackages this deal, he greases the hands that need to be done in Tallahassee, and he gets the deal done a year later,” said Stevenson.

Miami Filmmaker and lifelong Dolphins fan Billy Corben offered another suggestion.

“I didn’t like the public financing proposal, but I’m a Dolphins fan and I’d like to know how I can help the team get the financing privately that they need to do the renovations,” he said.

Corben also pointed out a winning season could go a long way.

“As a fan I’d be more excited to see the Dolphins win another Super Bowl before Miami hosts another Super Bowl,” he said, “Winning cures everything.”