MIAMI(CBS4) – Months after a manhunt in Grapevine, Texas that ended in death for an escaped prisoner from South Florida who stabbed a Miami-Dade Police Officer transporting him to Las Vegas, the Miami Dade Police Department is out with a review of the incident.

The memo, obtained by CBS4 News, says a review of what happened, as Detectives were transporting Alberto Morales to Nevada, identified several tactical and procedural concerns within the MDPD Warrants Section.

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Also, sources close to the case tell CBS4, Morales, may have been training for his big escape in the weeks before he was moved.   Sources says the Miami-Dade Department of Corrections was aware Morales was spending time “running in place” in his cell and doing various exercises.  However, the sources say no one from Correction reported this information to Miami-Dade Police in advance of Morales being transferred.

The same sources said Morales managed to pick the lock on his shackles while in the rental car in Texas, using a piece of metal from his eye glasses, the same eye glasses he used to stab Detective Jaime Pardinas, who is still off the job recovering from his injuries.

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The memo, sent to Police Director J.D. Patterson, says the police department reviewed existing policies and made revisions that address “prisoner security and the mandatory use of issued equipment.”

The memo also says all members of the Department’s Warrant’s Section will undergo “mandatory refresher training of extradition procedures” consisting of a review of policies and procedures, use of equipment, tactics for safe guarding prisoners, and assigned responsibilities of the extradition team.

Miami-Dade Police say the Grapevine, Texas Police Department is soon expected to issue a much more detailed “after action” report on the Morales manhunt.

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Their findings will be included with Miami-Dade’s findings in the Department’s final report on the matter.