MIAMI (CBS4) – The family of a Pembroke Pines woman who was abducted at gunpoint in an apparent random attack says she is “doing quite well.”

The victim’s uncle tells CBS 4 News that his niece — who is in her early 20’s — returned home to her apartment from college Tuesday afternoon when a man she had never seen before forced her into his car at gunpoint.  Her uncle says she spent close to 45 terrifying minutes in her captor’s car, wondering what would happen to her.

CBS 4 News captured video of a car towed into the Pembroke Pines Police Department Tuesday evening. It appeared to be the car the suspect was driving.

Police say the suspect pulled his car onto State Road 84 near Flamingo Road in Davie after 12 on Tuesday afternoon. Investigators say the man  drove into the Kings Manor Mobile Home Park where investigators believe he intended to sexually batter the woman. Pembroke Pines Police says that’s when the young woman was able to fight the man, get a hold of his gun and run away to call police.

“We’re just very lucky that she was very strong and cool minded to do that,” the woman’s uncle, Francisco Gonzalez, told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Police tell us surveillance cameras were rolling at her apartment complex and captured video of the suspect and the car he was driving. Investigators say that video played an instrumental role in tracking down the suspect, Sayyid Khan, 20, from Miramar. Police say Khan will face a slew of charges including armed kidnapping, armed attempted sexual battery and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm.

The woman’s uncle said they planned to take her to a hospital to be checked out but her condition appeared to be good.

“She’s got bruises and stuff like that,” Gonzales said. “She fought her way out and lucky enough for her and us she’s doing quite well.”

Gonzalez also said the family was grateful to the Pembroke Pines Police Department and the Davie Police Department for their “fast and efficient” response to the case.