MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami-Dade County jury has found 20-year-old Willie Barney guilty of attempted murder, robbery, and aggravated battery of an off-duty Miami-Dade Police officer during a 2012 robbery.

Barney and two other men, identified as 20-year old Dedrick Brown and 19-year old Travares Santiago, reportedly approached Officer Wislyn Joseph on September 22, 2012 when he was volunteering with his father at a church in Liberty City. Police say the group demanded Joseph’s jewelry and then shot him right in the chest.

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Prosecutors said Barney was the trigger man. They add that they have a strong case which includes recovery of the handgun used in the crime and DNA evidence.

Miami-Dade Police Officer Herman Joseph in court on April 22, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

Miami-Dade Police Officer Herman Joseph in court on April 22, 2013. (Source: CBS4)

During the pretrial hearing, Joseph testified to what happened the night he was shot. He said Barney trained a pistol on him as he complied with orders to surrender his Gucci bracelet.

“He felt I was taking too long so he yanked it off,” said Joseph. “He reached then and grabbed the gold chain which was on my neck.”

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Joseph testified that he had his hands raised in surrender.

“My hands were like this,” he said, demonstrating. “A motion that I didn’t have anything else.”

Joseph testified that Barney leveled a .45 caliber pistol at him and fired a round at point-blank range “in center mass,” striking him in the chest.

“When I looked, I realized that I was bleeding. I lifted up the shirt and I noticed the blood was just pumping, pumping out. At which time I told my dad, ‘apply pressure’.”

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Barney will be sentenced at a later date.