MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A hail of gunfire erupted outside a southwest Miami-Dade home when police said they were forced to defend themselves during a robbery investigation.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. Saturday at 5345 SW 115 Avenue. Officers were called to the home to check out reports of a robbery. During course of the investigation, several officers, detectives and crime scene technicians were outside the home when a car came barreling down the street.

“Around 11:30 p.m. a vehicle goes through the yellow tape at the crime scene at a high rate of speed striking multiple vehicles,” said Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. “Shots were fired and the individual was taken into custody.  He did sustain minor injuries.”

Police said a bullet grazed his thumb.

When the officers opened fire, they shattered glass in surrounding homes and blistered vehicles with their rounds.

“Forty or 50 shots, it’s too many shots, too much,” according to Eduardo Corchero, whose camper was also hit.

Corchero said he was having dinner when they heard the explosion of gunfire.

“I put on the floor my wife and me,” said Corchero.  “I put her on one side of the table and on the other side of the table me.”

One neighbor who didn’t want her identity revealed wasn’t sure it was gunshots at first.

“I was sleeping and heard ‘Pop, Pop.’ I thought it was fireworks, but no my son said gunshots,” the unnamed neighbor said. “It was scary close to home.”

“I could see smoke and flashlights,” said another neighbor Virginia Lopez.  “Like people had flashlights looking for something and I heard them yell ‘Put your hands up. Get down on the ground.’ I thought ‘oh, something is wrong.”

As police dealt with robbery investigation and the police involved shooting, they received word that two men had been dropped off at Kendall Regional Medical Center with gunshot wounds. One of the men died at the hospital, the other was taken into surgery, but his condition has not been released.

Marybel Rodriguez