MIAMI (CBS4) – The search continues for two armed males who carjacked and shot a man early Saturday morning.

It happened around 5:15 a.m. at a gas station at 1178 NW 79th Street.

“They were in it to kill me,” Raul Massipe told CBS4’s Gaby Fleischman over the phone from his hospital bed.

Massipe, 21, said he was buying gas when two armed men got into his car and told him to drive to a bank and get $5,000 dollars.

“Obviously I’m not going to say no unless I want a bullet in my head,” said Massipe.

Massipe said he tried to call 9-1-1 from his cell phone, but when his attackers saw him they pulled the car over and began beating him. They took his glasses, punched him, pistol whipped him and bit him. That’s when Massipe said he decided to fight back.

“It’s either I fight or I die, so I just chose to fight,” said Massipe. “I grabbed a gun and kicked him and he fell to the ground. The first guy, I got him and slammed the guy against car and he also fell.”

Massipe said he got into the car and locked the doors. Before Massipe could get away, one of the suspects stuck his hand through a back window and shot him in the leg, arm and shoulder.

The injured Massipe continued to drive and almost made it to Miami Shores. Emergency personnel arrived shortly afterward and took him to the hospital.

Massipe said the only reason he survived was because throughout the entire ordeal, he was thinking of a female co-worker had admires.

“I was literally thinking I want to be able to see her again, how can I see her when I’m dead,” he said. “She gave me the motivation to fight.”

Two of the bullets went straight through Massipe’s body; one got stuck in his shoulder blade. He is expected to go through surgery on Monday to remove the remaining bullet.


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