NORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – A 4-year-old girl who was critically injured after being shot in the upper body has died.

The shooting happened just past 6 p.m. on Saturday at 12015 NW 20th avenue.

The girl was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center. According to Miami-Dade police, the girl was in a white Mercedes-benz with two other children when the gun went off.

“We know there were several children located in a vehicle, we know there was an adult around the vehicle when this happened, but we have yet to confirm exactly who pulled the trigger on this gun,” said Roy Rutland, with Miami-Dade police.

Police have questioned the kids and the girl’s mother who was nearby when this all happened, but have not confirmed who shot the gun.

Family members told CBS4’s Gaby Fleischman the girl shot, Rahquel Carr, died at the hospital. They say one of the boys in the car was playing around with the gun when it accidentally went off, hitting her in the head and chest.

“To know that a kid has access to a gun and to be able to have that kind of tragedy happen right in front of your home it’s sad,” said neighbor Kendrick Williams. “Our prayers are with the family and everybody else involved in this situation. The sad thing is someone’s going to have to get in trouble for this for being irresponsible with the unsecured weapon.”

The gun owner was also questioned. Police have not made any arrests.

The case will be handed over to the Miami-Dade Office of the State Attorney who will determine if any charges will be filed.


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