FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Angel Dotel is a kid of few words. When asked how he’s feeling today, he simply said, “Fine.” But he’s feeling a lot better today than he was a couple of days ago.

Laying in his hospital bed, one can see the injury left behind on his face and the bandages on his chest after he fell two stories out of a mango tree and onto a spiked fence. He doesn’t remember a lot of the accident.

“Climbing the tree and getting mangos,” Dotel said is all he remembered.

It was a frightening moment for both Angel and his parents.

“I see a lot of doctors inside his room,” recalled his dad Miguel Dotel. “(There were a) lot of things moving and I said, ‘Wow, what happened with my kid?’ and I started crying.”

Doctors are very pleased with Angel’s quick recovery.

“Angel’s doing fantastic, he’s a fantastic kid,” said Dr. Kristina Deeter of Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood. “He’s moving out of ICU, has breathing tubes out of him and is eating on his own.”

Dr. Deeter said he’s one lucky little boy because those spikes on the fence missed all of his major organs.

“They were near arteries, they were near his eye, his lung and his abdomen and he has full function of all his major organs, really deep wounds but very recoverable wounds,” she said.

Angel is very grateful that Prince Moore was nearby and stopped his bleeding.

“Thank you, Prince,” he said.

Miguel is grateful too.

“What he do that day, it’s amazing,” said Miguel. “I don’t know how I say thank you to this guy.”

Doctors expect Angel to make a full recovery, and he already has plans. He’s looking forward to a family vacation.

“What are you looking forward to doing now?” Angel was asked. “Going with my dad to the Dominican Republic,” he replied.

Doctors said he could be released in the next few days.


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