ROME (CBSMiami) – Pope Francis has delivered his first blessing and Angelus Prayer from his apartment window to the crowd below in St. Peter’s Square.

Earlier in the morning he celebrated his first Mass in Vatican City.

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On Saturday, Pope Francis met with the world media.

Charming and charismatic, Pope Francis endeared himself to the crowd of journalists. He applauded their profession and acknowledged the rigorous work they’ve done in the last week.

Writers, reporters, crews, media staff and guests lined up hours in advance to get a seat in the Vatican auditorium. A few were invited on the stage including Virginia Abanal from Argentina who offered him make him a traditional Argentinian herbal tea.

“When you stood so close to him, what did you see in his eyes,” asked CBS4’s Michele Gillen.

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“Light, light,” replied Abanal

Pope Francis shared an intimate moment with the crowd when he told them during the conclave he realized he may win and that’s when the name Francis came to him because he wanted to follow St. Francis’ path of caring for the poor.

“I am quite impressed in the way he explained why he took the name of Francis,” said Rose Eclarinal, a journalist from the Philippines. .

The pope’s compassion touched the heart of this Roman journalist who was invited on stage with his seeing eye dog Asia. When he asked for a blessing for his family and his beloved dog, the pontiff leaned over and was happy to obliged to bless Asia.

“It was very, very special. He’s a very emphatic person,” said Alessandrio Forlani.

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The official Mass to inaugurate Francis as the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church will happen Tuesday.