MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Miami Beach Police released 911 calls from frightened bar patrons after a man allegedly opened fire at a popular South Beach Irish pub.

Several people called police after Ernesto Velazquez, 29, allegedly fired a couple rounds into the ceiling at Finnegan’s on Lincoln Road.

911 Operator: 911 where’s your emergency?

Caller #1: Hi. There’s somebody shooting at 938 Lincoln Road.

911 Operator: What’s going on there?

Caller #1: A guy in a wheelchair shooting.

911 Operator: Shooting what? A gun. Ok

Another call was similar.

911 Operator: 911 where’s your emergency?

Caller #3: Oh my God, oh my God! 

911 Operator: What’s your number?

 Caller #3: Oh my God. A guy in the wheelchair, he’s got a gun and he’s shooting!

Velazquez went before a judge Tuesday. He is charged with discharging a weapon in public and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bond has been set at $28,000, but he currently has an immigration hold.

Witnesses say a server at the restaurant offered Velazquez a table outside to better accommodate his wheelchair.

Velazquez, reportedly drunk, was furious and grabbed his gun. Witnesses say they heard at least two shots.

“He took a pistol out and fired at the ceiling,” said Restaurant Manager Jason DeCastro.

DeCastro said Velazquez then walked down the street where he fired another shot in the air.

No one was injured in the melee.