MIAMI (CBS4) – Mega-stages, fences, and lots of water stations are being setup in Downtown Miami as the countdown to Ultra Music Festival is underway.

On Miami Beach spring breakers have arrived.  Jordan Langford wishes she could go but will end up keeping her feet in the sand all week.

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“It’s expensive.” she explains.  $300 a ticket to see a who’s who of DJ’s seems a bit steep for many.

Sergio Reyes-Villa explained it’s well worth it.

“The music moves at the pace the world does.” he said.

Downtown Miami will really be moving starting Friday and so will a lot of drugs according to… Well anyone going.

“It is very generally available.” Reyes said.  Reyes, who doesn’t use drugs, explained concert goers will swallow ecstasy or mollies, the powder form of ecstasy.

Reyes explained “It’s probably like $8-$10 dollars.”

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That’s $8-$10 a pill. He continued with details of how long it will last.

“Probably lasts like three hours.  And you can get much worse stuff.” he said.

Ana Moreno sees the damaged young adults afterwards in her office.  Clients have told her as much as 90% of the crowd is on something.  She explained ecstasy may heighten the senses for the Ultra experience but there are long term consequences immediately.

“Ecstasy will increase serotonin.  Serotonin is what we have in our bodies that makes us feel good.”  Moreno said.

From the high you crash, she explained, and the serotonin doesn’t come back the same.

She showed CBS4’s David Sutta a study done on monkeys who did ecstasy twice a day for four days.

“Two weeks after zero consumption of any type of substance, including ecstasy, look at how depleted the serotonin is.  And then seven years after, we are talking 8 dosages, Seven years prior, that’s not even recuperated at 50%.” she said.

It is something concertgoers and parents should take note of.

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If you can’t afford the $300 ticket or are a parent who frankly don’t want your child here you can always watch on YouTube where it’s streaming live HERE.