MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Willy Wonka sang… “If you want to view paradise simply look around and view it.“

At the all new Dylan’s Candy Bar on Lincoln Road… that lyric comes to life in a two-story building. It’s 3,500 square feet of sugar loaded space, filled with everything that melts in your mouth.

Creator Dylan Lauren, known as the Candy Queen, was in town to celebrate the store’s grand opening. It’s her fifth location.

“In 2001, we opened our first store. Miami has always been on our list. We wanted to find the perfect location that meets our requirements and that has taken some time.” Lauren told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo. “But we are here and I love it!”

What’s not to love? 7,000 candies in every shape, style and texture. There’s even a cafe for ice cream sundaes, chocolate pizzas and a full service bar with candy inspired cocktails for the grownups, like chocolate Martinis or strawberry nerds Mojito.

“How does the girl who grew up with a fashion dad turn to candy?” Petrillo asked Lauren.

“For me candy is fashion. There are so many colors and designs and patterns and we make candy apparel, candy accessories. It’s really a lifestyle candy brand. So what my dad did with fashion, I want to do with candy,” said Lauren, the daughter of fashion designer Ralph Lauren.

The candies change with the seasons. There’s a Passover section and of course. Easter Eggs and Bunnies.

There’s a trend section and of course nostalgia.

“The nostalgia section has American classics from the 1920’s, 40’s and  50’s. The Charleston Chew! Wow, that brings me back!” exclaimed Petrillo.

“That’s what candy does,” said Lauren. “It ignites the memories of childhood. I still eat all that anyway.”

And with more than 70 bins of an assortment of candies to fill up your bags, the ultimate sugar rush is only a scoop away.

And for Dylan Lauren, she said she hopes that a visit to her candy store is not only a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, but also an opportunity to experience the joy that candy brings to the eye as well.

“I’m really into design and my background is in Art History, so the Dylan Candy Bar looks and feels to me like an art gallery. But I’m a  curator for candy,” said Lauren. “The look and feel for me is Willy Wonka-esque but also pop art.”

Lisa Petrillo