MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The man wanted for stabbing four members of a Miami family, killing two of them, has been arrested.

Joseph Swift, 29, was taken into custody early Wednesday morning at an apartment at 387 NE 191st Street.

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Swift was taken to Miami-Dade Police headquarters where he was interviewed.  During a bathroom break, Miami-Dade police said he tried to make a run for it.  Swift reportedly tried to jump from the second floor by throwing himself at the window.  However, it didn’t break.  He then reportedly attacked a sergeant and two detectives but they were able to secure him.

Swift was wanted for reportedly for stabbing four people in their NW Miami-Dade home on Sunday night.

After entering the home at 2110 NW 131st Street, Swift chased the family members through the residence, breaking down doors when they tried to hide in bedrooms and stabbing them repeatedly, according to his arrest report.  Swift stabbed Wade Jones, 23, to death inside the home. Wade was a nursing student.

Wade’s mother, 58-year-old Janeth Jones, was able to escape the house but died across the street when she ran to a neighbors house for help.

“She was sort of my foundation. She was the support of the whole family. We have been together more than 30 years,” said her husband Wade Jones Sr.

Janeth’s two daughters, 25-year-old Taree Jones and 30-year-old Natasha Jones were stabbed repeatedly inside the home. Taree was also able to escape the home and made it to neighbor’s house.

Family members said Swift was Natasha’s boyfriend from four years ago and she was believed to be the target of the vicious attack. Taree and Natasha are still recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Their father, still grieving over the loss of his wife and son, told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that he’s relieved the man accused of savagely attacking his family is behind bars.

“I feel much better. It’s the first time I could breathe easy on it,” said Wade Jones. “When I was talking to the daughter at the hospital, her concern too was, you know, ‘Can he get in here?’ I said, ‘No, he can’t even move around on the street.’”

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Jones told D’Oench that his daughters are still recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

“I have spoken with Taree and told her what happened. She should be the first to come home. But I have not been able to tell Natasha in the state she is in,” Jones said.

Natasha Jones’s two-year-old daughter was the only family member at the home who was not wounded.

“This is such a trauma to me that somebody would actually come to the house and try to kill the whole family that’s there at the time and some of just hasn’t sank all the way in. I just can’t believe this would happen,” said Jones.

Records show Swift has been arrested before for assault.  Miami-Dade Police said he was accused of stabbing someone in 2005.

Swift appeared in bond court wearing a green vest that is normally reserved for defendants who are on suicide watch. A judge ordered him held without bond. He was also ordered to “not go near” the surviving sisters, Natasha and Taree Jones.

His attorney has a history with the family.

“I’ve known the family for 35 years. I know there are some mental health issues with Joseph that goes way back in time,” said Rod Vereen. “This is a very sad and unfortunate situation. I want to take a look at the psychological records for Joseph Swift and see what the diagnoses have been.”

“I told police I never want to see him on the street again,” said Jones.

Swift has been charged with First Degree Murder with a weapon, Attempted First Degree Murder with a weapon, trying to escape a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

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At the scene of the crime, a CBS4 crew captured an unusual site on Wednesday. Members of Wade Jones’ family were seen bringing cleaning materials to the home to scrub down a home that will never be the same.

Peter D'Oench