FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A Hallandale Beach woman accused in connection with the disappearance of her toddler son entered a Ft. Lauderdale courtroom with a smile Monday morning.

When Brittney Sierra, 21, spotted her mother she mouthed ‘I love you’. A few moments later she mouthed ‘I’m famous’ as she nodded toward the television cameras in the courtroom.

Sierra has been on television a lot. She, along with the boy’s father Calvin Melvin, was arrested after their son Dontrell vanished and no one reported it. A year and a half later remains of a child, a diaper and a baby blanket were unearthed in the yard of a Hallandale Beach home the couple used to live in located in the 100 block of NW 1st Avenue.

Police believe the remains are those of Dontrell but because the bones were damaged it’s been difficult for the medical examiner to make a positive identification.

After a court appearance last January, Sierra became teary when asked by CBS4’s Ted Scouten where her son was.

“What happened to Dontrell,” asked Scouten.

“I don’t know what happened and I have lots of questions,” said Sierra.

On Monday, Sierra’s attorney asked the state to reword the charges. Currently, she’s accused of child neglect for not knowing where her son was. The state complied and changed the words in the charges from “and/or” to “and.”

“It’s a technical argument that probably doesn’t make much sense to your listener, but it is significant in terms of, it would have significant in terms of trial,” Attorney Don Williams told Scouten.

After the hearing her mother, Renee Menendez, said she loves her daughter and believes in her.

“I love my daughter no matter what and I’m going to be here for her, no matter what the results are, I believe in her,” said Menendez who is also dealing with serious child custody issues.

Melvin is accused of lying to police about what happened to his son. Last week, he tried to get his bond reduced and his charges dismissed. He has another hearing later this month.


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