MIAMI (CBS4) – Colder temperatures than usual this weekend have disappointed college students visiting Miami for Spring Break.

“Like I starved to get into my bikini and I can’t even wear it,” said Brittany Garner.

“It’s kind of a let down that it’s cold here I was expecting warm weather,” said Matthew Campanella.

Saturday night wasn’t quite the tank top, bikini-wearing weather college students were counting on for their spring break in Miami.

“This is the only jacket I brought and one pair of jeans, I mean it’s really cold here,” said Garner holding up a lightweight windbreaker.

“This is the only jacket I have which I’m not wearing because aim still optimistic,” Campanella said in agreement.

Not even youthful optimism could warm things up. Normally this time of year spring breakers are experiencing 80 degree weather during the day and the mid 60s at night, roughly a 20 degree difference.

The cold front is expected to continue impacting the Miami area through Monday morning.


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