MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A blogger who has been a harsh critic of the Castro regime in Cuba left the island on Sunday.

Yoani Sanchez said she was refused an exit permit for years because of her high-profile and harsh criticism of the government.

In January, Cuba ended its unpopular policy of requiring citizens to obtain a letter of invitation and an exit permit before they were able to leave the country.

Sanchez, so far, is the most well-known figure in the dissident community to test the easing of restrictions. She said her ability to travel won’t temper her criticism of brothers Fidel and Raul Castro.

“This may be my last trip. I am not going to moderate my opinion so I can leave again. If they are counting on my silence or less criticism, they can forget it,” said Sanchez just before she departed from Havana’s airport.

Sanchez’s first stop in her 80 day trip of at least 10 countries is Brazil. Other stops include Mexico and the U.S.

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