NORTH MIAMI-DADE (CBSMiami) – Nearly 1,000 showed up for a Trayvon Martin Peace Walk in North Miami-Dade on Saturday.

“The purpose of this walk is just to let the community know and young people know they have the right to walk in peace and walk without anyone following them,” said Trayvon Martin’s mother Sybrina Fulton.

“They have the right to walk without anyone causing harm to them or killing them.”

Fulton’s message resonated with teens and parents alike.

“We are young and that could’ve happened to any of us,” said participant Destiny Rodriguez.

“I want my sons to know that they are allowed to be safe,” said participant Randi Williams, who brought her five- and three-year-old sons on the walk.

“You look at their faces every day, and I can’t imagine what Trayvon’s mom goes through.”

After the walk, celebrity Jamie Foxx gave a brief address in support of Trayvon’s family’s efforts to change the Stand Your Ground law. He spoke only to CBS4’s Summer Knowles.

“When you look at Sandy Hook and all the gun violence, the people suffering are our children, while adults argue about what they feel politically or racially, and it’s really not about that,” Foxx said.

The GRAMMY Award-winning musician and Academy Award winning actor took part in the walk, but in a role he takes far more seriously as a father.

“It’s the least I could do after meeting his mom, and we have to stop politicizing everything. The one side we should stand on is our childrens’.”

“It was the Rodney King situation when I was growin’ up and I don’t think we handled it in the right way,” said GRAMMY Award-winning music producer Rico Love.

“This is a better way to handle it; as opposed to lashing out and rioting we come together in a positive way and build awareness.”

George Zimmerman’s trial has been set for early June.

Saturday was an emotional day for hundreds of Trayvon Martin supporters in North Miami Dade as they put their feet where their hearts are for the peace walk.

The walk comes the same week Martin would have turned 18 years old.

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