BOCA RATON (CBS4) – Everything is coming out of that waterside Boca Raton mansion where now infamous squatter Andre “Loki Boy” Barbosa and his friends are accused of setting up house.

Thursday, police went to the home looking for him.

“We conducted what amounts to a trespass investigation to determine if people were on scene here who didn’t belong here, uninvited or remained when they should not,” explained Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander.

When cops arrived, no one was home, so after a sweep of the mansion, it was turned back over to Bank of America.

For neighbors, this whole ordeal couldn’t end soon enough.

“It’s been a pain in the a**!” exclaimed Michael Aviron. “It’s not been fun!”

Aviron has had a front row seat to the whole unwelcomed drama, he lives right across the street.

“The kid living over there, periodically, ya know, just kind of rubs me the wrong way,” he said.  “They come and go at night like rats, scurry in and scurry out.

No one will be scurrying in or out of here anymore, unless they have the new key. The locks are changed and a guard is posted at the door.

If by some chance Barbosa or his friends do make it back and they get by security, they’d have Michael and his buddies to deal with.

“Oh, we’ll be all over him,” promised Aviron. “He’s not coming back.”


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