Big Story:
The Heat smashed the Nets, the Hurricanes moved to 7-0, and for some reason, everyone is talking about Dan Marino fathering an illegitimate father years ago, why?

Quote of the Day:
“If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Dan Marino “Story”:
I’m going to start with this “story.”
There’s a report that Marino, who is still beloved down in South Florida despite never winning a Super Bowl, has admitted to fathering a daughter out of wedlock.
To which I say, and I think I speak for most people…
Let’s be honest here, part of the reason why people don’t watch the news anymore is stories like this.
It’s blown up into the biggest thing since sliced bread by the media who thinks it knows exactly what people want…more celebrity gossip.
If people want celebrity gossip, they go to the New York Post, incidentally the outlet reporting the story, or someplace like TMZ.
They don’t go to local sports/news divisions or even national news divisions.
And let’s be honest, how much impact does this really have on his reputation.
Sure, he may have been perceived as squeaky clean, but he’s a star athlete and very rich, I’m sure he’s had women throwing themselves at him for years.
Plus, it’s not like he lied for years about it. It was discovered, he owned up to it, case closed.
But I bet you good money….it will be the lead story on every local newscast in South Florida at noon, 5, 6, and possibly 11.
That still doesn’t make it news though.

Miami Heat: (off Thursday)
The Nets were the up and comers ready to challenge the champions.
People were saying the Nets were back and ready to play.
Yeah, about that.
I’m telling you, if Miami wants to really dial in on a given night, there’s not a team out there that can stop them.
LeBron only had 24 points and they still slaughtered the Nets by 20 points.
Miami shot 52 percent from the field and 58 percent from 3-point land….but they also shot 57 percent from the free throw line which ain’t gonna cut it.
I watched the Heat come out in the third quarter and within a couple of minutes, I knew this one was over.
It wasn’t even as close as the final score made it look.
Course that’s what happens when you hold a team to 14 points in the third quarter and just 36 points in the second half.
The Heat remain on the road for the next two games, with the next one being a good test for the Heat.
I think Indiana is one of the only teams in the Eastern Conference that really presents a matchup problem for the Heat.
Miami will be in Indy for this game, so it will be interesting to see if they can force the Pacers to play small ball and play fast.
Because if Indiana dictates the pace and allows their big men to dominate, it’s going to be a long night for the Heat on Friday.

Miami Hurricanes: (off until Saturday)
What is it with Miami teams and basketball?
The Canes, fresh off vaulting into the Top 15 in the country went out and knocked off Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.
Miami was led by 25 points from Shane Larkin and the Canes took the game over with a 13-2 run in the second half.
Kenny Kadji added 18 points.
I keep telling people, this Canes team is going to be a very, VERY tough out in the NCAA Tournament.
They’re used to big games this year, they have veteran stability in the lineup, they have length, and speed on the outside.
That’s a pretty lethal combination, especially the veteran leadership.
Now, I’m not saying UM can win it all…but based on the basketball I’ve seen played this year, it’s not completely out of the question.
A 7-0 start in ACC play any year is nothing to turn your nose up at.
I’ll be interested to watch Saturday’s game against NC State in Raleigh.
I think that will be the true test of the team until the next Duke game at Duke.
Get past NC State on the road, and the sky’s the limit for the team.
Whatever happens, it’s going to be a fun ride the rest of the season for Canes fans.

Florida Panthers: (@ Winnipeg Jets, 7:30 p.m.)
Yes, your Florida Panthers are back on the ice and in desperate need of a victory.
Things aren’t just bad for the Panthers, they’re flat out awful.
They’ve been outscored 23-5 since the opening night victory and haven’t even looked competitive.
Now Florida, there’s only room for one uncompetitive team in Miami and the Marlins have that honor locked up, so don’t go getting any ideas.
But this is how bad Florida has been this year…they’re in last place.
I don’t mean last place in the Southeast Division…or even the Eastern Conference…
I mean last place in the NHL.
Now, that said, a few wins in a row and Florida can be right back in the thick of things.
But it starts with defense and goaltending. I think Florida’s defense can hold up, but the goaltending this year has been, well, horrendous.
No time like the present to get things turned around.
Can the Panthers do it on the road….I’m not going to hold my breath.


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