MIRAMAR (CBS4) – For months, accused killer Cid Torrez — and his attorney — have maintained there was never any violence between Cid and his wife, Vilet, during their marriage.

A Miami-Dade Police report uncovered by CBS 4 News reveals that does not appear to be the case.

The brief, two page report shows Cid and Vilet Torrez had a heated and very public argument at a Miami Lakes car dealership in 2003.

The report says the couple got into “a heated verbal argument reference a cellular phone.” The report continues saying that Cid “escalated the argument when he grabbed (Vilet) and forcefully pushed her into a wall numerous times.”

The report says Vilet suffered injuries but they are not listed in the domestic violence report, which accuses Cid of simple battery.

Vilet’s brother Javier Blanco told me the family never knew all the details about the incident and that his sister kept a lot of things about her marriage to herself.

“She was very private,” he told CBS 4’s Carey Codd. “Her private life was her private life and to her credit, she was trying to make it work. She was very religious like everybody knows and she was trying really hard to make her family work out.”

There is no record of the 2003 domestic violence case in the Miami-Dade County Clerk of Court’s office. Experts say that could mean the report was sealed or expunged but court officials cannot legally reveal if that has happened.

Cid Torrez is accused of murdering his wife last year. Police have never found Vilet’s body despite an exhaustive search.

Police have built a circumstantial first degree murder case against Cid Torrez. Investigators say police dogs detected the odor of human remains in the back of his car and police say Torrez spoke with a friend about harming his wife as the couple’s marital problems worsened.

Police also claim one of the couple’s children heard howling and crying from a bedroom the night Vilet died and heard her father saying, ‘No you wake up’ a couple of times.”

Cid Torrez’s attorney, Richard Della Fera, did not return a call from CBS 4 News looking for a comment about this case.

Cid Torrez will be back in court next week.