MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A group of determined, but bumbling wannabe thieves used a heavy chain and a small car to try to steal ATM’s in at least two Miami businesses early Thursday morning.

Security video shows at least three crooks pulled up to the Discount Supermarket on NE 2nd Avenue and 29th Street in a light-colored sedan. Two of the men jump out of their car and try to get the cage off the front door. They can’t do it; so they take off. Ten minutes later, they come back and tie a heavy chain to the cage and use the little car to pull open the door.

The two crooks then take the chain, head straight to the ATM, and wrap the chain around it. But when the car tries to pull the machine out of the ground, the car goes flying- not the ATM.  They tried another time with no luck.

Finally, another small car meets them, they jump into their car and both vehicles take off, leaving their chain and a mess behind.

Mohammad Islam is one of the owners of the family-owned convenience store. He’s taking the burglary attempt well.

“They couldn’t get the ATM machine out,” he told CBS4’s Natalia Zea.

He said officers told him there were several similar ATM theft attempts early Thursday morning.

“They said they did like 6 or 7 stores,” Islam said.

Detectives confirmed at least one other store was hit by the thieves. They broke the window of a check cashing store on Northwest 27th Avenue and 29th Street. They didn’t get that ATM either.

Islam believes these guys should put their efforts into a job that is not illegal.

“They need money. This is an easy way to make money you know?” Islam said.

The store owners said they are now going to put in a new upgraded security system to keep thieves out. Detectives are now speaking with witnesses. One man who didn’t want to speak on camera said he called 911 while watching the crime happen from his balcony. He said a neighbor above him was furious, and at one point threw glass bottles at the crooks.


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