FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami/AP) — Broward County is playing a name game.

Some tourism officials are suggesting that Broward County change its name to Fort Lauderdale County to capitalize on the international fame of its largest city.

The one-time Spring Break mecca is a popular beachside haven for tourists year-round. A handful of other counties around the country are also considering name changes as experts say it’s better to market the most recognizable name in a region to tourists.

The state’s largest county changed its name from Dade to Miami-Dade about 15 years ago.

A panel discussed the topic during the Tower Forum breakfast. The Tower Forum is an organization comprised of influential business and civic leaders.

Advertising mogul Jordan Zimmerman said the County Commission should consider incorporating Fort Lauderdale into the name.

“The objective of having the right name is we one, get more attention and two, more construction which is music to our ears,” said Zimmerman.

Hollywood Commissioner Patty Asseff is dead set against the name change saying it’s a waste of money.

“There are 31 cities in Broward that could use the funds for infrastructure and revitalization which I think would make the taxpayers in our cities much happier,” said Asseff.

County residents who spoke to CBS4’s Natalia Zea said they don’t want the name changed either.

“I think Broward County is better,” said Shirley Wright.

Though most don’t know who Broward the county was named after early 20th century governor, Napoleon Bonaparte Broward, who tried to drain the Everglades and died suddenly when he ran for the U.S. Senate..

If local leaders decide to do away with the name and logo–they have a lot of options. How about Hollerdale? Or Fort Pines? Lauderac? Or maybe not.

But at this point, until a formal proposal is on the table Broward will stay Broward, and Fort Lauderdale will stay Fort Lauderdale.


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