WASHINGTON (CBSMiami) – The U.S Congress has been gripped by deadlock for more than two years and has seen its favorability crash into record territory. But a new Public Policy Polling poll showed that Americans actually prefer cockroaches to Congress.

PPP’s latest poll didn’t just measure Congress’ approval rating, which stands at nine percent, but also how it would rate against a plethora of items that some may find unpleasant or in some cases, even painful.

According to the poll, Americans prefer brussel sprouts (69-23), lice (67-19), NFL replacement refs (56-29), colonoscopies (58-31), root canals (56-32), traffic jams (56-34), cockroaches (45-43), and yes, even Nickelback (39-32) more than Congress.

Even Genghis Khan drew higher marks than the U.S. Congress in the PPP poll, 41-37 percent.

That said, there are some things that are even more unpopular than Congress. According to the poll, Americans prefer Congress to: Lindsay Lohan (45-41), telemarketers (45-35), the Kardashians (49-36), Fidel Castro (54-32), Gonorrhea (53-28), and meth labs (60-21).

Congress’ numbers aren’t expected to go up in the coming weeks as at least two more rounds of fiscal fighting over the national debt ceiling and the sequester are looming before the end of March.

For comparison purposes, the last Gallup poll measuring President Barack Obama’s approval rating was 54-39 in favor of the president.


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