MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Now that all the victims of the Sandy Hooks school shooting have been put to rest, the grieving process continues.

This holiday season as parents hold their children a little closer because of it… A local nine-year-old is using her voice to encourage those still mourning the victims’ deaths.

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“When I heard others sing, I wanted to try it myself,” said little Emily Cazeau.

Cazeau has been singing and writing her own songs ever since. She says it’s mainly when something makes her feel really happy, or in the case of the mass shooting of students in Connecticut, really sad.

“I was just sitting down and thought I wanted to write a song about it…I wanted to feel better.”

“The thing is music is healing,” said Diris Cazeau, Emily’s uncle.

Which is why after discussing the shooting with his niece, Cazeau, who works in the music industry,encouraged her to put her feelings down on paper.

He had already promised to take her to the studio for having good grades and felt it was the perfect time to allow her to express herself.

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So, together they created a music video tribute to the victims of Sandy Hooks and all of the people mourning their deaths.

“I didn’t want them to feel sad or scared, I wanted them to feel happy and not like scared,” the 9-year-old said.

“When she was in the studio she did it like with one take, like she was born to do it. She did a wonderful job,” her uncle said.

After making the video, Emily and her uncle wanted to share it with others, so they posted it on youtube, and as of Wednesday afternoon it had more than 200 views.

But for now, her uncle says it’s just a hobby.

“I want her to remain focused on school and continue because her classes are gifted, and I want her to stay in those classes and keep her grades up… then if she wants to continue to do the music thing, I’m willing to help her.”

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However Emily does have a desire to sing for and work with local church/youth groups. She can be reached at or on Twitter at @millyworld305.