MIAMI (CBS4) – A homeless man who was stabbed in the neck at a busy Pinecrest intersection  is out of the hospital.   Police say the stabbing was a random crime and the attacker is still out there.

Sunday, police say David Mercado, 49,  was panhandling near SW 136th Street and US 1 across from The Falls  when a man in black Ford F-150 waved him over.  When Mercado went to the truck’s window, he says he was stabbed.

“I  thought he was going to give me a dollar bill and I went over to say ‘thank you’ and next thing I know I seen the pick come out,” he said.

He says the driver didn’t say a word as he stabbed him in the neck.

“He just smiled and laughed and took off,” said Mercado, who  was able to make it across the street to the busway where someone saw him bleeding and called 9-1-1.

“It was a random act of violence,” said Pinecrest Detective Alexandra Martinez. “We never had any problems with any of our homeless or anyone at these intersections collecting money.   This is the first time we heard a case like this in this area, so we’re concerned we’re going to request the assistance of the public.”

Mercado was airlifted to Kendall Regional Medical Center where he spent four days.   He’s back at the same intersection where the attack happened.  While police search for the attacker, Mercado says he’ll do “anything possible to help them find him.”

Shoppers at The Fall said they were surprised to hear about the random attack.

“It’s normally just very calm and very nice… I don’t feel like there’s a threat in the area,” said Jasmine Salomon who was shopping at The Falls Sunday night.

Police will be checking nearby traffic and security cameras to see if they captured anything that would help in their investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pinecrest Police at (305) 234-2100.


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