MIAMI (CBS4) – Congress outlawed advertising tobacco products on television more than forty years ago.

But now, we’re seeing this commercials for e-cigarettes where Stephen Dorff says “we’re all adults here.  It’s time we take our freedom back.  Let’s rise from the ashes.”

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Sexy commercials like that one have been allowed to hit the airwaves, even though e-cigarettes still deliver nicotine.  And, for years now, the hit TV show “Mad Men” has glamorized smoking.

All that led the Huffington Post today to ask if smoking is losing its stigma and becoming sexy again.

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It’s a hugely important question, because the CDC says adverse effects from cigarette smoking lead to more than four hundred forty thousand deaths every year, one in five of all deaths in the U-S.

You’ve likely seen some disturbing anti-smoking ads here in Florida, but they’re becoming an exception to the rule as states have slashed the budgets of their smoking prevention campaigns despite getting record tobacco-related revenue.

At stake are decades of progress in reducing smoking, the biggest killer we have legal access to, a killer that also hurts others who inhale the second-hand smoke.

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That’s sexy?