Finding the best deals, getting into the holiday spirit, decorating your home.

It’s what keeps a lot of us busy for the rest of the year.

But it’s the start of one of the years most dangerous times…according to Inez Tenenbaum of the Consumer Product Safety Commission who warns “During the two month holiday seasons last year about fourteen thousand consumers were treated for injuries related to holiday decorating. This includes holiday lights, christmas trees, candles and ornaments.”

And the problems getting worse according to Uncle Sam.

Holiday-related injuries have slowly grown from 12-Thousand back in 2009, to 13,000 in 2010 all the way up to 14-Thousand last year.

To show how fast a holiday fire can spread in a home, federal safety officials set up a live-fire demonstration: And

whether it started from an unwatched candle, a short-circuited set of holiday lights, or a dried out Christmas tree the flames can spread dramatically after just a few minutes.

Tenenbaum, the Chair of the CPSC explains ” Every year we have to remind people of the hidden dangers in the holidays. dangers when their tree dries out from fire, using candles and leaving them unattended, broken ornaments that can cause lacerations, and holiday lights that can be an electrical hazard also a fire hazard”.

To keep your family as safe as possible….Uncle Sam recommends:

Checking out any lights or wiring and replacing any damaged electrical ornaments.

Keep a close watch on any candles or open flames

Look for the freshess tree possible if you’re in the market for a real Christmas Tree and keep them moist and away from any walls of anything that can burn.

Also make to keep young children away from potentially dangerous toys their older brothers or sisters may be getting over the holidays.

For more Information:


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