MIAMI (CBS4) – Americans are spending an enormous amount of time on social media sites.

How much?  One hundred twenty one billion minutes in just July of this year, a 37% jump over last year.  That’s more than two hundred and thirty thousand years!

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Facebook use dwarfs all social media sites in all categories, followed by Blogger, Twitter, WordPress and LinkedIn.

This year’s breakout star is Pinterest in sixth place… visitors to the site soared by more than a thousand per cent.

Access through mobile devices is fueling the increase in time spent on the social media sites.

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That’s led to “toilet tweeting.”

Nielsen found a third of younger people use social media while in the bathroom.

No wonder a separate study found 19% of people end up dropping their smartphones in the toilet.

So it’s likely someone in your family has suffered that fate.

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It happened in my family… but it wasn’t me!