MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Miramar Police say a group of thieves stole TVs from a Target store then tried to run over an officer during a traffic stop in the parking lot of a busy restaurant.

The incident ended at a Chili’s restaurant on Miramar Parkway around 9 pm.

Police tell us the thieves stole two TVs from Target then drove off. An employee at the Target store called 911 to report the robbery and an officer spotted the car.

Investigators say the police officer pulled the car over in the Chili’s parking lot and investigators say the driver attempted to run the officer over.

“He felt at that moment they were probably going to run him over and he fired multiple shots,” said Miramar Police spokesperson Tania Rues.

Police do not believe anyone was struck by the bullets.

Three people were taken into custody. Police searched for a 4th person — a woman — into the night.

Police say the televisions were still in the car at the crime scene.