BOCA RATON (CBSMiami) – A lockdown at FAU that was triggered by a report of an armed robbery suspect on campus was lifted late Thursday afternoon.

Students at FAU in Boca Raton were put on alert just after 1 p.m., when the school issued a warning that there was an “Armed Intruder on Boca Campus, Arts and Letters Building, Bldg 9, today. An unauthorized armed intruder has been reported in Arts and Letters Building, Bldg 9. Remain alert. Avoid area.”

The alert went on to say emergency personnel were on the scene and students who were not on campus should stay away until the situation could be resolved.

According to FAU, at approximately 1:10 p.m. a student was robbed at gunpoint in the Arts and Letters building (building 9). The armed man, who was wearing a ski mask, reportedly put a small handgun to the student’s head, took some valuables and ran off.

When the robbery was reported, all campus entrances were closed and all vehicles were checked before they were allowed to leave the campus.

Just before 2 p.m., PBSC issued their own alert saying the armed robbery suspect has entered their campus. Students were urged to stay where they were and lock doors if possible, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Josh Bloom was one of the students on campus. During the lockdown, he texted his dad, Dave Bloom, from the English classroom where he and 19 others were holding place:

Son’s text to Dad (1:49 p.m.): Watch the news for me. There is a guy with a gun on campus. We’re in lockdown. Real serious.

Dad texting back to son: Which building are you at?

Son back to Dad: Boca Tech, Palm Beach State sent us texts, and he supposedly robbed someone at FAU. Has a gun.

Dad: OK. Are you in class?

Son: Yes. All lights are off. Everyone is sitting in the corner of the classroom.

Dad: How many students in the class?

Son: 20, including the teacher.

Dad (2:10pm): How’s everyone doing now?

Son: People taking it seriously in the beginning, but not anymore.

Dad: I just spoke with WJNO NewsRadio. According to them, it’s a Code Red (highest alert).

Dad (2:47pm): How are students reacting now?

Son: The three biggest students in the class are now sitting against the door (of the English classroom).

The armed individual was described as an African American male, about 5’ 10” with a muscular build, who was wearing a white shirt and pants.

The Palm Beach Post contributed material for this report.


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