MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Black Friday shoppers who showed up a Miami Walmart Thursday night to go bargain hunting were met by frustrated employees protesting out front.

A large group of Walmart workers gathered in front of the store on 2nd Avenue, waived signs and spoke with arriving customers.

The employees were unhappy about what they consider to be low wages and unfair labor practices. They were also not thrilled that the store was open on Thanksgiving night.

“They don’t want to hear what we have to say,” said Elaine Rozier. “They’re doing us wrong by giving us short hours, paying us less, minimum wage, being there for so many years and being part time and not letting nobody move up “

The protest was just one of many demonstrations by Walmart employees at stores across the country. Tensions between the company and employees have been on the rise since October.

Walmart has said the protests on Thanksgiving and on Black Friday will not affect their operations.