MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Miramar Police tell CBS4 News that they have arrested a Miramar man in connection with the disappearance of his wife.

Cid Torrez was taken into custody Wednesday night and charged with first degree murder.

His estranged wife Vilet has been missing since late March. Early on in the investigation, Cid Torrez was considered by police to be a person of interest. The couple was said to be having problems at the time of Vilet’s disappearance.

“It’s been extremely hard for our family, for my mother, for everyone,” said Vilet’s sister, Nayiva Blanco during an emotional news conference.

Vilet Torrez disappeared at the end of March from her Miramar home. Since then we’ve watched detectives search the home for clues and canals for Vilet’s body. Her body has never been found.

Nayiva Blanco, sister of missing Miramar mother Vilet Torrez, gave an emotional interview after the announcement of the arrest of Cid Torrez. (Source: Carey Codd/CBS4)

“It’s not over until we know the truth and until we find her and until we’re able to tell her children where their mother is,” Blanco said.

Investigators revealed few details about the case. However, they said they finally felt they had enough evidence to make an arrest.

“Once (detectives) were able to put those puzzle pieces together they could make an arrest,” said Miramar Police Spokesperson Tania Rues.

Detectives arrested Torrez at his parents home in Miami Lakes. His children were home at the time. We are told he did not speak to police.

A source with knowledge of the case tells CBS 4 News they do not have a lot of physical evidence against Cid Torrez, rather this is a circumstantial case.

For months investigators have searched canals and lakes around Miramar for more information, but have turned up nothing.

Police suspected foul play in Vilet’s disappearance.  Vilet’s family has long believed Cid was involved somehow.

“It’s a mixture of shock and oh my goodness finally,” said Vilet’s sister in law Julie Spurlock Blanco upon learning of Cid’s arrest. “Maybe we can start to get the closure that we need.”

Cid Torrez’s lawyer Richard Della Fera said he had his doubts about the validity of the arrest, calling the timing “suspicious” and called it a “publicity stunt”.

Surveillance video from Vilet’s housing complex shows on the morning she disappeared, March 31, her minivan was captured on camera entering the community through the visitor entrance after having trouble passing through the gate on the resident’s side.

“Detectives went camera by camera, frame by frame, looking at every camera that went in to the community and went out,” Miramar Police spokeswoman Tania Rues said. “What we do know is that her vehicle went in and did not come out.”

Once she made it in the gate, her brother Javier Blanco told CBS4 News that Vilet’s phone records reveal she made two phone calls, both at 5:19 a.m., and both to her husband Cid’s cell phone. Blanco said the records don’t jibe with the story Cid told police.

“(She) called him twice, twice at 5:19,” Blanco said. “This completely contradicts every story that he’s told. He’s said that she never called.”

Cid told investigators he was asleep at the time. He didn’t report Vilet missing to the police until April 2.

Cid Torrez has maintained his innocence and until his arrest, he had custody of the couple’s three children. The children are now in the care of Vilet’s family.

Cid Torrez spoke to CBS 4’s Carey Codd on the day CBS 4 News broke the news in April that he was being considered a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance. He denied involvement.

“Did you have anything to do with her disappearance?” Codd asked.

“Nothing at all,” Torrez told him.