MIAMI (CBS4) – In the four years since Peter Dundas took over the reins of the House of Emilio Pucci, the 40-year-old Norwegian has been able to tap into a newer, more modern and almost edgier vibe without losing the glamour and elegance the Pucci name has become synonymous with.

“I think Pucci is an amazing brand and I think it’s always stood for modern, glamorous, chic women,” Dundas said. “Arriving at the house, it was really just updating that and taking it forward and thinking about what the next generation of what Pucci girls are going to look like.”

At the recent Destination Fashion Fundraiser at the Bal Harbour Shops, Dundas revealed his 2013 collection which included form-fitting pieces which were sexy and fun.

“So when I design a dress, I want it to be a dress that a woman wants to wear and a man wants to take off,” joked Dundas.

That’s not to say he doesn’t take his job seriously, Dundas knows what the Pucci brand stands for.

“People ask me ‘Do you want to have your own label’,” explained Dundas. “When I have the responsibility of the brand, I have to think about it as my own and take care of it same way as I would my own.”

Dundas added that change can be good, even when it’s subtle.

“I do love the iconic Pucci prints, but I play with them and change color and sizes and make them feel current for today,” he said.

Dundas has had quite the rise to fame as a cutting edge designer. He was raised by a single father and his passion for fashion started as a kid when he created clothes for himself and his sister out of flea markets finds.

“I kind of try to live the dream. Someone once taught me that you don’t need to be too cerebral about what you do,” said Dundas. “Go out and see where your girls are and what they are doing. When you do that you are kind of participating a little bit, aren’t you.”

The 2013 Pucci Collection can be found at Saks Fifth Avenue Bal Harbour Shops.

Lisa Petrillo


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